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Elevate Wellness Association (”ELEVATE”) is a national organization dedicated to the health and wellness of employees at small and midsize companies.

ELEVATE provides health information, including fitness, nutritional and lifestyle choices via its website, e-newsletters and blogs, to help employees live healthier, happier lives.
There are health advocates available as well to assist the members through billing questions and alternative treatment options that may not be available through their traditional healthcare providers.

Formed prior to 1993, the association now serves over 100,000 members from relationships with over 5,000 organizations. Through ELEVATE, members can also access valuable lifestyle, supplemental and voluntary benefits that improves members’ lives.

ELEVATE uses the power of its group buying to offer benefits that previously were not available to members who may be working at smaller organizations, and at costs that are lower than those plans found in the retail market space.

ELEVATE uses the power of its group buying to offer benefits that previously were not available to employees working at smaller companies, and at rates that are lower than those plans purchased on an individual basis.

To help each client maximize their ROI in human capital and employee benefits. We do this by building customized Virtrual Company Communities (VCC) that reflects each client's specific benefits environment, resources, and requirements. The VCC is the "go to place" for all employee benefits, HR, payroll, and wellness related services. It places single click, self-service technology at your employees finger tips.

Our integrated portal includes a comprehensive wellness solution that includes personalized engagement services, incentive program, support for over 60 smart apps and wearables devices, health education, wellness challenges and group activities.

We provide complete project management, from design to implementation.


We bring web, social, mobile, messaging, and wearable technologies together in a
single, easy to use solution.


We partner with clients and provide proactive and on going support and management
of the complete environment.

Our goal is simple

To help each and every member of our association be as healthy as they can be, physically, mentally, and financially. To that end, we’re pleased to offer My Health Coach Now (MHC-Now) to all our health plan members. MHC-Now is an automated, self-paced personal wellness tool that brings technology, incentives, engagements, and education together in an easy to use service included in your Elevate Wellness membership. This unique approach blends physical, mental, and financial well-being into a comprehensive, incentivized personal well-being solution.

1. Physical Health:

Part of MHC-Now is My Health Navigator, your virtual health assistant that offers 3 wellness programs (Walking, Exercise, and Weight Loss), activity and progress tracking, personalized reminders, “Tip of the Day” e-messaging, and a 10-module health education program.

2. Mental Health:

Explore yoga, meditation, stress management, resiliency, and other techniques to help you better manage your mental well-being.

3. Financial Health:

Money matters are the number one cause for stress in our lives. By better managing and learning how to control our financial future we can get rid of a lot of the issues and concerns we have every day, and enable us to better focus on the present rather than worry about the future.

4. Wellness Incentives:

Employees can also take the 6-month Healthy Rewards Challenge. With Healthy Rewards employees “get some skin in the game” as they’ll pay $9.99 per month. Once enrolled, they’ll earn wellness points by completing various healthy activities. The challenge is to earn 1,000 points within 6 months. If they do, they’ll win over $250 in gift cards, coupons, discounts, and free products from our partners and sponsors.

Member Benefits

At Elevate Wellness, we understand the importance of good health, and strive to help our member attain it. That’s why when you join the Elevate Wellness Association family, starting on January 1, 2019, you’ll have access to our My Health Coach Now (MHC-Now) personal wellbeing program. MHC-Now is normally $9.95 per month, but it’s included as part of your membership.

My Health Coach Now is a comprehensive personal wellbeing solution that helps people be as fit as they can be physically, mentally, and financially. It provides the structure, tools, engagements, education, and incentives that many people need to achieve their personal wellness goals.

My Health Coach Now challenges people to earn 3,000 wellness points over a 6-month period. Participants earn wellness points by completing various healthy activities and education that are designed to improve their physical, mental, and financial health. They earn points by reporting daily physical activity, learning about healthy lifestyles, preparing for their financial future, getting an annual physical and flu shots, and for maintaining healthy, or improving not-so-healthy biometrics.

When they earn 3,000 points participants are rewarded with gift cards, discount coupon, and prizes from our sponsors and partners.


  • My Health Navigator (5 personal wellness programs)
  • My Health Assistant (Proactive personalized reminders)
  • Track My Progress (Activity & Weight)
  • Tip of the Day (Educational and inspirational e-messages)
  • 30-module health and wellness education modules
  • Our Buddy-Up program for couples and friends
  • Monthly webinars and events
Our B-Fit Mobile smart app allows participants to connect supported wearable devices (e.g. Fitbit, Apple, Polar, Withings) or smart scale to MHC-Now to automatically track rewarded their healthy activities and biometrics.

B-Fit can track attendance at health clubs, yoga studios, tennis clubs, pools, and other health facilities to earn even more points. And members can use B-Fit to check-in at upcoming Elevate Wellness members-only events and activities.

Additional Member Benefits


The Rx Gold uses a nationwide network with over 44,000 national chain stores (i.e. Walmart™, Kmart™, Target™, Duane Reade™, CVS™, etc.) and independent pharmacies.


To help each and every member of our association be as healthy as they can be, physically, mentally, and financially.


Members of EWA, who enroll in the benefits listed below, will receive $7,000 Term Life:
Major Med
Solstice Dental PPO, EPO







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